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Dura Temp Corporation is an industry-leading supplier of hot ware handling solutions for glassmakers worldwide.  From the gob forming area through the lehr loader, Dura Temp offers superior materials, quick-change parts and assemblies, and technical experience that allow glassmakers to achieve optimum results in the hot-end.  Dura Temp is continuously evaluating the changing needs of the glass industry and adapting the solutions it offers to best meet these needs. Industrial lubrication solutions for the glass and other industires offered through its sister company DT Industrials.

Dura Temp is also pleased to offer:

DuraTemp* appointed distributor for SpillFix to the
North American Glass Industry


Absorbs liquid spills on contact.
SpillFix is organic, nontoxic, completely safe to handle & landfill safe**.
It is made from coconut husk, an organic renewable resource that is non carcinogenic.
It contains no chemicals and is silica free.
Nearly 80% less product is required when compared with clay absorbents.
**Always confer with local authorities.

Distributed By DT Materials, Inc

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Customized Hot Ware Handling Solutions

Dura Temp brings 30 years of experience in designing and implementing custom hot ware handling solutions for glassmakers worldwide.

FortiPHY Coated Transfer & Lehr Plates

FortiPHY coated plates are the best choice for ware transfer plate applications in both the hot and cold ends. The specialized coating process results in an extremely hard and smooth surface to enhance glass container transfers from one conveyor to the next.

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Quick-Change Sweepout Pockets & Assemblies

Dura Temp's quick-change sweepout assemblies allow for excellent straight-lining of containers, easier/faster job changes, lower labor requirements, reduced machine downtime and increased pack rates.

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Lehr Stacker Bars, Pockets, & FortiPHY Coated Plates

Dura Temp offers lehr stacker bars, pocket assemblies, several contact material options, and coated lehr and cross conveyor deadplates. Dura Te mp's lehr stacker bar is a twin tube style that allows for the pockets to be adjusted and positioned as necessary, to accommodate multiple styles of containers.

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