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Rotational Molding

Specialized Release Agents 

Release agents in the rotational molding industry is essential to seamlessly accommodate the components of molds. Our focus is to allow the formation of materials (mold and material) to have an optimal interaction through lubricating components with thermal stability.  


DT Industrials is  focused on the development of high-performance release agents for different industrial sectors where operating conditions are so demanding that a standard product is not enough.​

DT Industrials is the exclusive distributor of the                         brand of mold release agents to the US and Canadian markets. Currently Intermol products are widely used by companies like Little Tykes, Ohio Rotational Molding, Rotoplas, Aquaplas, as well as many others. agents for their specific processes.

Benefits of our rotational molding solutions:

  • High yield per application

  • More productivity & less consumption 

  • Superior release effect 

  • Superior product surface quality 

Please contact our team to learn more: 

T: 1-567-703-8550


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