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Clean Up & Safety 


SpillFix Industrial Organic Absorbent instantly absorbs any liquid spill on contact, so spill areas can be cleaned up with minimum downtime and the area immediately rendered safe. 

Benefits of SpillFix:

  • Cleaner, No Mess

    • SpillFix is dust-free and non-abrasive and there is no after clean-up mess ​

  • Safer, No Health or Disposal Problems

    • SpillFix is organic, nontoxic and safe to handle ​

  • Less product consumption

    • 80% less product is required compared to clay based absorbents​

  • Less product waste

    • Spillfix is landfill safe allowing for lower disposal costs  

  • Save time on the clean up of spills 

    • SpillFix takes up to 85% less time to clean-up a spill compared to clay based absorbents ​

Please contact our team to learn more or schedule a demonstration: 

T: 1-567-703-8550


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