Spacers & Brackets

Spacers and brackets are two components of Dura Temp’s sweepout assemblies that assist with straight-lining the containers onto the conveyor.

Various spacers used on the Generation I and II sweepout assemblies allow for offset adjustment. Generation III sweepout assemblies have the T-bar backplate machined with fixed offsets per the client’s specifications or proven arrangements.

Dura Temp’s sweepout assemblies also utilize either wide or narrow mounting brackets, depending on the sweepout pockets to be used. Some of the brackets will allow for the height of the pocket to be adjusted.

Dura Temp offers retaining springs that can be attached to the mounting brackets to ensure that the pockets are held securely in place. These stainless steel springs provide sufficient tension to the backside of the pocket to maintain proper pocket positioning. Even with the use of retaining springs, the sweepout pockets can be easily removed and replaced as necessary. Kits with springs and hardware are also available to replace or install the retaining springs at the client’s location.

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