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Proper sweepout assemblies are essential to obtaining the best ware handling in the hot end. Dura Temp offers three generations of sweepout assemblies to achieve the correct combination of adaptability and rigidity necessary for any job. From the entirely adjustable Generation I design, to the completely fixed, solid Generation III design, Dura Temp’s lightweight sweepout assemblies can be manufactured for single, double, triple, and quadruple gob configurations.

Fundamental to the design of Dura Temp sweepout assemblies is the drop-on style pockets. Sweepout pockets that slide on and off the assemblies allow for a true “quick-change” system, whereby the pockets can be replaced with little or no downtime. In addition, drop-on pockets also allow for rapid changeover from one container diameter to another.

Some benefits that glassmakers experience by implementing Dura Temp sweepout assemblies include:

  • Excellent straight-lining of containers on the machine conveyor

  • Easier/faster job changes

  • Lower labor requirements

  • Reduced machine downtime

  • Increased pack rate​

Dura Temp’s standard sweepout assemblies fit on certain sweepout cylinder designs. For styles that are not compatible with its standard design, Dura Temp offers clamp brackets to adapt its quick-change system to the sweepout cylinder in use. For certain machines, custom backplates are available to attach directly to the sweepout cylinder.

Sweepout Assemblies1.jpg
Sweepout Assemblies 1.jpg
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