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Custom Solutions for the Automotive Industry

DT Industrials is your specialist for the automotive industry. Through the process of co-creation with our clients, a wide variety of existing and new developments in lubricants, release agents, noise damping , anti-friction coatings and volumetric dosing systems are tailored to your customers’ needs. Applications include; interior components, headliners, seat cushions, and more. The specialty additives in out products increase the release performance to ensure maximum productivity and superb quality. 

DT Industrials is the exclusive distributor of the Interlub/Intermol brand of mold release agents to the US and Canadian markets. Currently Interlub/Intermol products are widely used by companies like Grupo Antolin, IAC Group, as well as many others. agents for their specific processes.

Benefits of our automotive lubrication solutions:

  • Products designed according to the operating conditions of each plant

  • Optimize manufacturing cycle times 

  • Reduction of rejection rates  

  • Improvement of surface quality  

Please contact our team to learn more: 

T: 1-567-703-8550


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