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Product Installations

Product Installations: Job changes and new container runs present many difficulties that result in lower pack rates and increased down time.  To help minimize the time a shop is down during a changeover, Dura Temp’s technical team will assist with set-up and installation of its ware handling components. Dura Temp representatives are equipped to make changes and modifications to its ware handling components while at the factory to ensure the containers are handled in the most efficient manner that maximizes lehr input.

Production Assistance and Troubleshooting: Often customers will contact Dura Temp because containers are falling over, not aligning correctly or not moving from the deadplate or from one conveyor to the next properly. Dura Temp supports its customers by offering assistance in troubleshooting these issues. The Technical Specialist Team at Dura Temp has been trained by glass industry experts with many years of experience.



Prior to using Dura Temp sweepout assemblies, we were struggling with contact pads falling off and sweepout assemblies bending, causing misalignment on the quadrable gob 10 section machine.  The sweepout assemblies required a large amount of machine time to repair due to bending and breaking.  After implementing universal (left hand/right hand) Dura Temp Gen III quadruple gob assemblies there was a 1%+ lehr input increase as well as significantly less maintenance time required.  The increased production alone has saved over the investment moving to Dura Temp products while reducing our inventory requirements.

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