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DT Industrials was founded with the primary goal of introducing the Interlub brand of oils and greases into the

United States and Canadian markets.

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With a Central Sales and Distribution office just outside Toledo, Ohio, DT Industrials is ideally located to quickly service industries in the United States and Canada. Corporate headquarters is located in Miami, FL.

DT Industrials is a 100% woman-owned company and a sister company of Dura Temp Corporation. At DT Industrials, our mission is to provide superior service and support while co-creating custom tailored solutions with our customers.

The DT Industrials’ team co-creates specialized lubricants for critical and extreme conditions applications that maximize sustainability and productivity.

Specialized Lubricants:

  • Perflourate

  • Esters

  • Poliglicoles

  • Silicons

Extreme Operating Conditions:

  • Extreme Temperatures

  • High Work Loads

  • Harsh Environments

  • Environmental Regulations

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DT Industrials Central Sales & Distribution

949 S. McCord Road,  Holland, Ohio 43528 USA · Phone: +1-567-703-8550 · Fax: +1-419-866-4656

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