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Lehr Stacker Bars

For the lehr furnace area, Dura Temp offers lehr stacker bars, pocket assemblies, and several different contact materials. Dura Temp’s standard lehr stacker bar is a twin tube style that allows the pockets to be adjusted and positioned as necessary. The tubular design of the bar allows for ventilation and virtually eliminates warping, resulting in enhanced bottle positioning. The adjustable lehr bar also reduces the amount of spare parts required in inventory as the pockets can be re-positioned for different jobs.

Dura Temp offers two different styles of adjustable pockets for its standard twin tube lehr bar. The first is a cast steel pocket that uses a retaining pin to hold two inserts of contact material in place. This pocket is crash resistant and provides protection for the contact material. The second is a pin-style pocket whereby the contact material is “dropped on” the pocket. This pocket style can be used with either solid DT-18 calcium silicate material or two pieces of contact material separated by a spacer. The height of the contact material is determined by the size of the spacer, making this option suitable for various container heights.

In addition to the adjustable lehr bar, Dura Temp offers fixed pocket position bars made with pin-style pockets which also use the “drop-on” contact material method.

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Lehr Stacker Bars1.jpg
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