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Quick-Change Sweepout Pockets 

The unique “drop-on” style of Dura Temp sweepout pockets creates an ease of use that is second to none in the industry. Available in standard components or custom designs, Dura Temp sweepout pockets can be designed to fit almost any sized and shaped container, including flasks, perfume, pharmaceutical, and odd- shaped ware. The quick-change concept of Dura Temp’s sweepout pockets allows glassmakers to reduce machine downtime and increased pack rate.

Dura Temp sweepout pockets are made of DT-1 and DT-2, nonconductive silicone composite materials, reinforced with metal for strength. The properties of DT-1 and DT-2 materials provide superior benefits for glassmaking. These materials:

  • Offer low thermal conductivity which prevents thermal shock and glass checks

  • Are non-porous to eliminate oil absorption

  • Are lubricious to avoid stuck ware

  • Are non-abrasive to eliminate physical damage to the glass

  • Have high impact strength to resist damage during crashes and jam-ups

  • Have high oxidation resistance to eliminate thermal degradation

For higher temperatures and harsher environments, Dura Temp uses carbon fiber and composite based materials to accommodate the more difficult conditions. The carbon materials are used alone or in conjunction with DT-2, depending on the requirements

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