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Vortex Assemblies 

The Generation IV Vortex Sweepout Assembly is designed to improve handling and user experience on Servo pusher systems that may incorporate vertical pocket air.

The benefits of Vortex Sweepout Assemblies are: 

  • Universal Backplate allows for flexibility and reduced inventory

  • Easy replacement of contact material and nozzles

  • Steel reinforced fingers and brackets prevent bending

  • Lightweight and simplistic design

  • Large contact pads to prevent denting

  • >1mm contact pad wear life

  • Contoured pads available

  • Disassembles from front, so contact material and nozzles can easily be replaced without removing from the machine


Vortex Sweepout Assemblies can be made in single, double, triple and quadruple gob configurations. Each configuration can be made for left, right, or convertible left/right hand operations.

Vortex SSB.jpg
Generation IV Vortex Sweepout Assembly 1
Generation IV Vortex Sweepout Assembly.j
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