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Ware Transfer

Dura Temp offers a complete line of products for the transfer area from pads and fingers to molded paddles, ware guide assemblies, and transfer plates. For aligning containers going into or out of the transfer, Dura Temp provides either straight strip-style guides or roller bottle guides. The strip-style guides are a lightweight steel construction to dissipate heat and prevent warping. They are made with individual strips of Dura Temp’s DT-1 silicone composite material for easy replacement. The roller bottle guides consist of free rotating rollers mounted in a steel channel. The roller design presents 360º of contact surface, which increases the life of the guide. In addition, the rollers can be removed and replaced individually.

For transfer machines, Dura Temp offers curved bottle guides, molded transfer paddles, and various pads and fingers. The curved bottle guides are similar in construction to the straight bottle guides, and are used to stabilize the containers through the transfer.

Dura Temp’s molded transfer paddles (MTP) continue the quick-change concept into the transfer area. Made of DT-2 material, these covered steel brackets are well-suited for transfer applications as they can be removed, cleaned, and reinstalled in the event of oil or hot-end coating build-up. Various DT-2 backpads and fingers and DT-80 backpads are also available to fit most brands of transfer machines.

Dura Temp also offers coated plates for ware transfer and deadplate applications in both the hot and cold ends. 

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