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Fingers & Pads

Dura Temp’s metal mount fingers (MM/CM) are made of DT-2 silicone composite material molded around a metal reinforcing insert. These metal reinforced fingers come standard on all of Dura Temp’s quick-change pockets. They are crash-resistant, easy to change, and available for sweepouts moving ware in either a right or left direction.

Dura Temp’s most popular metal mount finger, the CM 262, is enhanced with a long metal insert to increase strength and durability which prevents damage during jams and crashes. The SP 1180 S (straight finger) is also commonly installed by glassmakers running taller ware as it can be used to steady the containers.

Numerous straight and curved fingers are available to fit a variety of container shapes and sizes in sweepout and transfer applications.

Fingers & Pads 1.jpg
Fingers & Pads1.jpg
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